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Crimeline: Security for PM, alcohol related incidents

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Maddy Harker

03 July 2024, 5:00 PM

Crimeline: Security for PM, alcohol related incidents  Wānaka Police Senior Sergeant Fiona Roberts

The past week was a busy one for Wānaka Police, helping to provide security to the prime minister during his visit and dealing with trespassing and breach of bail.

The Impairment Prevention Team (IPT) was also busy, with around 1,000 drivers breath tested across several local checkpoints, and it was disappointing to have tested someone with a breath alcohol level of 895 micrograms per litre, Wānaka Police Senior Sergeant Fiona (Fi) Roberts said.

That’s “more than three times” the legal limit of 250 micrograms per litre, Fi said, adding that drivers should expect the IPT in Wānaka again this weekend.

Prime minister Christopher Luxon’s visit to Wānaka last week included an event at Rippon, the official opening of Wānaka’s new birthing unit, and visits to the Wānaka police station and Wānaka LandSAR.

“During his visit police were involved in ensuring his safety and security,” Fi said.

A man was trespassed from Kai Whakapai last week after he, under the influence of alcohol, refused to leave when asked and annoyed other patrons.

After being arrested and bailed, he was arrested again for breaching his bail, Fi said.

Wānaka Police dealt with a second bail incident when a Hāwea woman breached her bail conditions.

“She was arrested with bail opposed and has been remanded in custody,” Fi said.

Wānaka LandSAR responded to a beacon activation in the Ahuriri Valley last week. Three hunters were located who had accidentally activated their beacon.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Team (CVST), which monitors all areas of the commercial vehicle industry, currently has a presence in Wānaka in response to complaints about trucks driving on Macpherson Street.

Fi asked drivers to be aware of winter driving conditions.

“Weather conditions are very changeable and there are more hazards on the road to be cautious of, so it’s even more important to watch your speed and drive to the conditions,” she said. 

“Black ice is a hidden hazard. It makes the road slick and can cause poor handling and radically reduce stopping distances. Carry chains all winter and know when and how to fit them.”

Call 111 when you need an emergency response from police, fire or ambulance.

Call 105 to report things that don’t need urgent police assistance.

Call *555 to report road incidents that are urgent but not life-threatening.

To make an anonymous crime report contact Crime Stoppers.

PHOTO: Wānaka App