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The Roar: Plan to succeed and reduce risk

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01 April 2024, 4:00 PM

The Roar: Plan to succeed and reduce riskGame Animal Council general manager Tim Gale

The Game Animal Council is emphasising the importance of good preparation ahead of this year’s Roar.


“As a hunter, the Roar is an exciting time. However, it also represents the busiest period on the hunting calendar meaning there is an increased risk of accidents,” Game Animal Council general manager Tim Gale said.

“Hunters can significantly reduce their risk if they undertake the right planning and preparation for their hunts, including carrying the right clothing and equipment, checking the forecast, taking a personal locator beacon and leaving detailed intentions with friends or family.”


Once out on the hill your safety and the safety of other hunters also relies on making good decisions, Tim said.


“Ensure you know your limits and are aware of the limits of those in your party, be mindful of changing weather conditions and river levels as well as the physical impact of heat or cold.

“Make a plan for where you will hunt, share that with others in your party and any other hunters you may come across. This not only helps everyone stay safe but also means you don’t impact each other’s hunting.”


Tim recommended hunters integrate the Better Hunting hunter education programme into their preparations.


“Better Hunting provides free online training on the fundamentals of hunting and hunter safety in New Zealand and has been developed to supplement existing practical training, such as NZDA’s HUNTS courses.”

The programme can update your knowledge on aspects of hunter safety from hunt planning and what gear to take, to river safety, survival instruction, navigation and first aid.

“Various modules can also support you to be more successful by improving your hunting situational awareness and helping you assess the age of red and sika stags in the field,” Tim said.


“Taking the right precautions with regards to firearms is critical anytime you are hunting. Better Hunting includes modules on firearm safety, hunting with others, storage and transportation, and improving your shooting technique and accuracy.”


The Better Hunting platform includes 29 free individual training modules and other useful resources for hunters such as a hunt planner, intentions form and multi-map tool.  

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