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‘Poo trucks’ a surprise to community association

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Sue Wards

17 March 2024, 4:04 PM

‘Poo trucks’ a surprise to community associationNew Longview consents need to be subject to having connections to a council owned wastewater system, says the Hāwea Community Association. PHOTO: Wānaka App

Eight loads of waste are being trucked each week from Lake Hāwea’s Longview subdivision to Wānaka’s wastewater system (Project Pure) and the council has confirmed this will continue as the subdivision develops - to the surprise of the Hāwea Community Association (HCA).

The issue was raised at last week’s Wānaka Upper Clutha Community Board meeting by Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) property and infrastructure general manager Tony Avery.

Tony told the Wānaka App that trucking wastewater from Longview was “a response to limitations in capacity of the Hāwea Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)”. 

“This began in late 2022, resulting in trips roughly every two to three days towards the end of last year. A larger truck in use since then has helped reduce truck movements to roughly four times a day for two days a week (i.e. approximately eight loads per week),” he said.

“Trucking is expected to continue in line with ongoing development at Longview.”

The planned pipeline connecting Project Pure to Lake Hāwea is estimated to be completed in 2028. PHOTO: Supplied

Hāwea Community Association (HCA) chair Cherilyn Walthew said the information was “a bit of a surprise to the HCA”.

“To date, the poo trucks have only been rumour[s], and surprising ones at that, given our agreement in the Environment Court.”

She said during recent mediation between QLDC, Otago Regional Council and the HCA, all parties agreed that new consents needed to be subject to having connections to council owned and operated reticulated wastewater treatment and disposal systems. 

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“Both ourselves and Otago Regional Council insisted that it be written into the District Plan as per the agreement above,” she said.

“It's a bit of a surprise that they have reverted to poo trucks.”

Cherilyn said the HCA has asked Hāwea based councillor CodyTucker to question QLDC about the issue. 

Tony said the planned pipeline connecting Project Pure to Lake Hāwea is estimated to be completed in 2028, and QLDC is “actively looking at ways to speed up its design and construction”.

He said the wastewater transfer costs are being met by the Longview developer, Universal Developments.


Wastewater from the existing township is not trucked and continues to be treated at the WWTP.