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Flooding blamed on developer’s lack of controls

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Staff Reporters

01 July 2024, 5:48 AM

Flooding blamed on developer’s lack of controlsFlood water was being pumped across Aubrey Road to a vacant section.

Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) says this morning’s (Monday July 1) flooding at Aubrey Road was caused by the failure of erosion and sediment controls on private property.

After the heavy overnight rain, a water retention plant flooded at a new residential development above Aubrey Road (on what used to be farmland).

Police and Fire and Emergency NZ were on site with QLDC this morning after 10.30am to redirect the water from Wineberry Lane to Aubrey Road, where a large pool formed in an empty section.

Properties between the plant and Aubrey Road were also affected, with media reports of at least one house being flooded.

“The property owner, council contractors and emergency services have worked to prevent any further flooding and pump water from affected properties,” QLDC  spokesperson Sam White told the Wānaka App this afternoon.

Sam said the council’s monitoring and enforcement team are now investigating the incident. 

“As such, it isn’t appropriate for council to make any further comment until this investigation is complete.”

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