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Crimeline: Gun safety in the spotlight

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Maddy Harker

01 May 2024, 5:04 PM

Crimeline: Gun safety in the spotlightWānaka Police senior sergeant Fiona (Fi) Roberts.

A recent incident highlighted the importance of gun safety ahead of the start of the duck shooting season, Wānaka Police say.

Wānaka Police senior sergeant Fiona (Fi) Roberts said the police was alerted to a firearm in a vehicle at Wānaka Airport by a member of the public.

“The person had gone away and left the car unlocked and insecure with the gun inside,” Fi said.

This type of behaviour is “completely irresponsible”, she said.

Fi noted that police can revoke firearms licences in certain instances and any actions a licence holder takes can put them “under scrutiny”.

Wānaka police are looking into the airport case.

Fi reiterated gun safety advice with the duck shooting season opening this Saturday (May 4).

“Fifty percent of injuries related to bird hunting happen on the opening weekend,” she said.

Hunters should remember the safety rules around firearms.

They are: “treat all firearms as loaded; safe direction; chamber a round only when ready to fire; identify your target - recheck; check your firing zone (what if I miss?); storage and transport firearms safely; and avoid drugs/alcohol,” Fi said.

Fi said “great numbers” attended the various ANZAC Day ceremonies last week.

She said she was “super impressed with the Mt Aspiring College students” who spoke, and their “thoughtful messages”.

One arrest was made in Wānaka during the walk from the Wānaka Community Hub up to the Cenotaph.

The person was “called out” by a member of the public for their behaviour.

“They didn’t listen to the warning and were arrested for disorderly conduct,” Fi said.

Fi said road policing continues to be a priority for Wānaka Police and residents should expect to see police patrols anywhere, anytime.

Call 111 when you need an emergency response from police, fire or ambulance.

Call 105 to report things that don’t need urgent police assistance.

Call *555 to report road incidents that are urgent but not life-threatening.

To make an anonymous crime report contact Crime Stoppers.

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