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PM 'very supportive' of changing Easter trading laws

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01 April 2024, 11:18 PM

PM 'very supportive' of changing Easter trading laws

The Prime Minister says he's "personally very supportive" of changing the Easter trading laws which restrict some businesses from opening on certain days of the long weekend.

Legislation and local council policies govern what can and can't open on which days of the Easter long weekend.

Most businesses must be closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday though some, like the New Worlds in Wānaka this year, choose to deliberately breach the law and wear any fine incurred.

Retailers have been calling for an overhaul of the laws, and government-coalition member ACT said the restrictions were "frustrating".

Christopher Luxon agreed. He told Morning Report he was "very supportive" of updating the Easter trading laws.

"I think our Easter trading laws do need to be upgraded and changed."

However, the matter was not included in the 36-point action list unveiled by the Government on Tuesday.

"That's a conscience issue for Parliament, and irrespective of people's party membership, individual MPs have different views around that. It's something that the Minister will look at in due course, it's not a priority for us this particular quarter."

Luxon said there was also a member's bill (from ACT MP Cameron Luxton) on the matter in the ballot which could be drawn but said it was something "we've got to look at".

PHOTO: RNZ / Samuel Rillstone